Schubert launched its latest innovation

02 Oct


The Transmodule

Gerhard Schubert GmbH at the FachPack 2009

The new TLM system component "Transmodule"

At the trade fair in Nuremberg Gerhard Schubert GmbH presented for the first time ever its new development, the "transmodule", at the joint stand of Packaging Valley Germany e.V.

The transmodule is an intelligent cart system  which is used for the transport of products and packaging materials through a TLM packaging line. This high tech cart system fits perfectly into the TLM function module philosophy  and opens new options  and possibilities for packaging machine layouts.

The transmodule will help to improve the engineering of the packaging machine design onto a new efficiency level.

Each individual carts carries its own vacuum system, thus products and boxes can be held in place by vacuum, if necessary. The carts move independently on a track system with speeds of up to 5 m/sec.

Accelerations of up to 5 ms² are possible. Power supply as well as the signal exchange is effected wirelessly. The achieved positioning accuracy of the cart within the functioning steps is up to 0,2 mm.